Elizabeth Sheehy in the news


Professor Elizabeth Sheehy was featured in an excellent article Family Court’s handling of violence under scrutiny by Teuila Fuatai 

The article was about Sheehy’s talk as part of a panel on family law at the University of Auckland.  Lawyer Catriona MacLennan and Deborah MacKenzie of the Backbone Collective also spoke on the panel. Sheehy questioned the use of “parental alienation” in family court and the minimisation of domestic violence that often results from it.



Maria Edström in the News

Dr. Maria Edström was quoted in the Chicago Evening Post story The media is a male business by Ari Roul on 28 February, 2018. The story reports on a Nordicom study of leadership of the top 100 international media corporations by Dr. Edström and Ulrika Facht (Nordicom, University of Gothenburg).

Edström said, “Men-only indicates a single-minded leadership in the media corporations. Not only because their products and services are aimed at both men and women. They are also probably missing out on competence.”

chart media

Sources: Nordicom (primary source www.mediadb.eu(link is external))

You can see the full 100 list here 

Edström is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Journalism, Media and Communication at Gothenburg University in Sweden.