New book on antifeminism in Europe

Varieties of opposition to gender equality in Europe

In contrast to the wealth of studies on progress towards gender equality, opposition to gender equality is rarely studied, which makes it difficult to understand the positive and negative dynamics of gender equality as a political project.

The first of its kind, this timely collection examines the potential and challenges of our current scholarship on understanding opposition to gender+ equality in Europe. Table of Contents

Part 1: Conceptualizing Opposition and Oppositional Dynamics

1. Introduction: Dynamics of Opposition to Gender+ Equality in Europe, Mieke Verloo

2. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly: Making Sense of Opposition to Feminisms from a Social-Movement Perspective, Conny Roggeband

3. Understanding the Dynamics of Opposition to Gender-Equality Change: Lessons from And for Social Complexity Theory, Mieke Verloo

Part 2: Varieties of Opposition to Gender+ Equality in Europe

4. Patriarchy Fights Back: Violent Opposition to Gender Equality in Online Contexts, Sofia Strid

5. Indirect Opposition: Diffuse Barriers to Gender+ Equality in The European Union, Petra Ahrens

6. Contesting Gender Equality in Domestic-Violence Policy Debates: Comparing Three Countries in Central and Eastern Europe Andrea Krizsan and Raluca Maria Popa

7. A Feminist Opposition to Gender Equality? Making Sense of The Social Democratic Party’s Internal Struggle Over Extending Parental-Leave Quotas in Sweden, Christina Bergqvist, Elin Bjarnegård, and Pär Zetterberg

8. Subversion from Within: Opposition to Gender Equality in The Court of Justice of The European Union, Elisabeth Holzleithner

9. Unpacking Oppositional Success: The French Laboratory, David Paternotte

10. Popular Opposition to Economic Gender Equality and Homosexual Lifestyles, Niels Spierings

11. Suspending Democracy, Harming Gender Equality: The 2013 Law on Pregnancy Termination in Macedonia, Ana Miškovska Kajevska

Part 3: Conclusions and Discussion: A Framework for Understanding Oppositional Dynamics on Gender-Equality Change and Possible Actions Against Opposition

12. How to Study Varieties of Opposition to Gender+ Equality in Europe? Lessons from This Book, Conceptual Building Blocks, And Puzzles to Address, Mieke Verloo